Kolhrabi leave wraps

Hello ♥

I have been so busy lately i didn’t have time to write or post any new recipes.

I got my first delivery from Al Shuwib farm last week and i am so happy about it!!!  so today i would like to write about those beauties ” Kohlrabi”

The health benefits of kohlrabi are amazing it can help to lose weight,  boost the immune system , regulate the metabolism, increase circulation, strengthen bones and improve vision health. Kolrhabi is full of nutrients and minerals like copper, potassium, manganese, iron and calcium. Vitamins such as vitamins C, vitamin A and vitamin K.

Kolhrabi leaves are also  nutritious , the young greens are very flavorful, it has a similar taste to collard greens. The leaves can be steamed, chopped in salads or simply used as bread replacement for the wraps, like you can see on the pictures below.

For the wraps i have used 5 Kohlrabi leaves, added some turmeric white bean hummus, cucumbers, grated carrots and Kolrhabi, but feel free to change any vegetables or dip.

I hope you will like these rolls, they are very easy to make, perfect for pack lunch, family diner or pic nic


Love marilyne xxx