Doula Services


 ” I believe all women can have a beautiful birthing experience if they are supported  and informed “

Doula: helping mothers-to be in Abu Dhabi

My journey as a Doula began after giving birth to my daughter in 2015.  A Doula accompanied me during my pregnancy, the birth and post-partum and the overall experience was very rewarding. This inspired me to take on this new role so that I could start supporting other women through this beautiful journey.

I trained in London (UK) at Nurturing Birth in July 2015 and started working the following year. Since then I have successfully attended to 9 births in Abu Dhabi (UAE) giving me a breath of experience I am eager to continue to share.

Thanks to the journeys I shared with these families, I have demonstrated the personal qualities that make me a great Doula: I am a good listener, with a lot of patience and understanding for people’s different perspectives on how they want to go through their pregnancy and giving birth. I am a supportive and attentive person, with a caring personality.

As a passionate Doula and healthy living practitioner, I continue to research and discuss new (and old) information on these topics with the broader Doula community in Abu Dhabi; always seeking new knowledge, experiences and training so that I can keep giving more to mothers-to-be. I recently completed a prenatal massage workshop where I learnt massage techniques that I believe add great value to the services I can provide.


I have a wealth of practical information about pregnancy and giving birth in Abu Dhabi ranging from up-to-date knowledge of the various doctors and hospitals practicing in the city to alternatives options available to complement traditional medicine.

Please get in touch for a chat if you would like to hear more.


What I offer though my services:

Pregnancy and birth support period:

  • I will meet you at least twice during your pregnancy. It can be at your place or mine, or a place where you feel comfortable.
  • You will be able to contact me any time from booking up to 6 weeks after birth.
  • I will be on call 1 week prior to your due date up to 2 weeks afterward for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You are free to contact me either by phone or email, you can call me anytime you feel you need to speak with me.

 During your pregnancy meetings, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Your delivery preferences
  • Discuss your previous deliveries if appropriate
  • Find out what expectations you and your partner have for the birth
  • Discuss fears and stories that you may have heard
  • Discuss what will make you feel safe
  • Discuss your views and preferences about pain reliefs
  • Involve your partner through your pregnancy if you wish
  • Share and discuss information about doctors & hospitals as well as complementary support available in Abu Dhabi.

During labour:

  • I will be on call around the time of your expected birth date as detailed above. I will come as soon as I can possibly make my way to you.
  • I will always respect your choices even if they are different from what we discussed.
  • If you wish to stay at home as long as possible (early labor), I will help you to feel comfortable.


Specific support during labour include:

  • Use of breathing techniques, relaxation, visualization
  • Manage pain with different massages such as back, neck hands and feet
  • I will help you listen to your body and adjust to the changes
  • I will help you to get settled at the hospital and prepare the room if you need a cozy set up (lights, birth ball, bath, candles)
  • During labor I will continue to give you physical and emotional support
  • I will work with you and your partner to get him involved as per your preferences



Post-natal support:

After birth I will stay with you for few hours to support you with the breastfeeding method of your choice, and direct you to a breastfeeding consultant if needed.


Some specific areas of support will include:

  • Help to pre-arrange post-natal support for your requirements needs
  • Help with practical support such as looking after the baby while you take a rest/shower/long bath just after the birth
  • I will be available to support you emotionally if you wish to talk through how you’re feeling about your new role as a mother
  • At a later date, we can have a debrief about the delivery
  • Information you need to know about breastfeeding groups (if required), baby wearing groups and other activities for you and your baby
  • Supporting your partners if needed by answering questions
  • Give you some guidance on preparing family meals (Check Healthy Kitchen website for more information, link can be found below)


                                  Please get in touch for more information on services and fees.




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