About Me

I started this blog to share my passion for healthy food. After recently becoming a certified Doula from the London Nurturing Birth Centre, I want to work more closely with mother-to-be and new mothers and help them include more healthy food options in their daily lives.

The recipes shared on this blog are easy to follow and I believe anyone can have fun preparing these delicious meals at home. I hope this blog will be an opportunity to share my kitchen experiments with a greater community in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Becoming a Doula feels like a natural progression for me, my interest in wellbeing was further expanded when I went through my second pregnancy in Abu Dhabi. When I first moved here, I focused on healthy eating and started to change my lifestyle progressively, including a lot more raw and vegan meals in my diet. The results have been convincing: stabilised weight, improved energy levels and a general feeling of good health.  I have finally found a harmonious food lifestyle, no more diets and restrictions; instead a way to eat that allows me to eat as much as I want in a healthy manner.

Going through my second pregnancy whilst living a healthier lifestyle meant that it was an altogether different and more enjoyable experience. This has been the catalyst in my desire to work more closely with mothers-to be and new mothers in sharing advice and support through this exciting time. Having a child is the most beautiful thing in the world, but we also live in a society that does not always easily offer options to have the birth a woman may want to have. I believe that with the right support, this can be addressed. Being a mum of two, I am also all too aware of the daily struggles mother faces, and a healthy diet can be an additional challenge. I believe the best present one can give to a new mother is to share healthy food goodies and meals, and other simple things such as helping with the baby so that the new mum can have some ‘me’ time to take a bath, have a little rest and get some support around the house and the kitchen.

As a Doula, I would provide support before, during and after the birth of the new baby so that mother (and father) can experience this wonderful time in a more serene way (see link to my detailed CV).