Prenatal massage workshop

Two months ago I participated in a prenatal massage workshop in Abu Dhabi taught by Vandana.  She is a very nice lady, Vandana is a qualified, committed and intuitive Holistic Therapist who believes that the body is fully capable of healing itself. Her expertise in Holism includes Angelic Reiki, foot and facial reflexology, prenatal reflexology, Indian head massage/trainer. Vandana is running regular workshops on various topics such as: Learning to communicate with angels, Prenatal massages techniques, Head massage, Organic & Natural personal skin care and faciaIs. She is a contributing author to the ‘Empowerment Manual’ published by Visionary Insight Press USA; currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.


I first met her towards the end of my pregnancy when I took a few reflexology sessions with her. It was the first time I had reflexology treatments, I felt very good and after the sessions, feeling very light and peaceful.  She is truly amazing so when she proposed this workshop I didn’t hesitate and signed up for the course.


The course started in the morning with two trainees and two lovely pregnant ladies acting as our practice clients for the course. Vandana taught us how to massage the back, neck, head, hands and feet. It wasn’t easy at first to learn everything and feel confident. Even if I am used to give massages to my friends and family – especially to my son, I felt a little clumsy at the beginning but as the course progressed, I felt more confident.  I am always happy to learn new things, so the experience was rewarding.  


As a newly certified Doula, I am interested in all things related to pregnancy and well-being. A prenatal massage can be beneficial throughout the pregnancy, during labour and after the birth. The massage can be done to relieve the pain or tiredness felt during pregnancy, but also when feeling a little tense. It can also help improve blood circulation, mood, get a better sleep, decrease the level of stress hormones, help with relaxation and relieve tension and joint pains. Sometimes, especially towards the end of the pregnancy, feet and hands can become tired, doing a lymphatic massage can help reduce edema and giving a nice feeling of lightness. During the labour, massaging the back and using breathing technique can be a drug-free alternative choice for pain management. The massage techniques are easy to understand and can be taught to the partner. It can be a good idea to have the partner practicing these massage techniques regularly so when the time comes the technique are well-known.


Doing this workshop was very useful and has helped me to understand how to help my clients feel better during the pregnancy and how simple massage technique can have a big impact on your body and mind, help to feel more relaxed and release tensions. I also recognize that if it is an option, it is good to get the partner involved and learn some of the techniques.


I am looking forward practicing those massage techniques on my clients in the near future, so get in touch if you are interested.



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